Ristorante Castelvecchio Verona


It was in this building, in 1831, that the first gastronomic delicatessen of Verona was opened. Though the building was damaged by fire, a canvas from ‘700 showing the Madonna and Child was saved.
In it's reconstruction, taking the exact same features of it's previous activity, there was a type of alcove constructed where the canvas was placed and is still visible today.
The atmpsphere is created through the building' s various levels.
Where are now have the wine cellars. Larders and storerooms, was once full with 26 people preparing various cuts of meat, as well as treating and curing cold meats.
The boiserie and the ceiling of the main hall are the historical originals.
After extensive renovation the premises were converted into a restaurant.
At present we have a large room for 30 persons, a smallaer room with an 18-person capacity and a veranda that can seat about another 20.
The menu offers genuine Veronese cuisine, such as freshly made tagliatelle with a selection of sauces, our extensive selection of roadsted or boiled meats in traditioanl sauces plus our very own home- made desserts. All produce is selected and prepared by our own kitchen staff.

The music of the restaurant are cured by LUCKINODJ

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