Ristorante Castelvecchio Verona


Hors D'oeuvre
Raw ham from "Montagnana" with melon or the house pickled vagatables
Beef carpaccio with Parmesan and fresh mint
Canadian smoked salmon
Burrata di bufala and raw shrimp

First Course
The house Fettuccine with choice of fresh tomato sauce, ragout, chicken livers or seasonal sauce
Veneto soup pasta and beans
Potato gnocchi wirh fresh tomato
Spaghetti tomato and basil
Thin noodles in broth
Fresh vegetable soup seasonal
Risotto with chicken livers
Risotto with Amarone (Italy's wine)

Second Course
Trolley of roast meats with roast beef, roast veal, oven-baked Prague ham coppino pork and boiled shoulder
blade beefs, calf's head, tongue au naturel, pickled tongue and cotechino, with traditional
Veronese sauces.

Beef tartare traditional
Mediterranean octopus
Vegetables in season
Market garden vegetarian dish

House speciality dessert

All our beef is of Friesian

Camere di lusso Arena di Verona